About Me

About Me

Creativity: From my view

"It's about having the ability for idea development and being innovative. It's about being curious, pushing the boundaries, thinking differently and combining objects and ideas in new ways."

Having several years of experience in the industry, and a strong educational background like Computer Science and Web Development at UCN (University College Nordjylland), I also possess a good knowledge for developing and maintaining systems, websites and smartphone/tablet solutions. In addition, I worked at Aalborg Libraries developing department where my job was maintaining and developing solutions for the public sector like aalborgbibliotekerne.dk and nordkraft.dk in CMS: Dynamicweb and SharePoint. I also had the opportunity to work on smartphone/tablet solutions there.

I possess excellent communication skills and can liaise effectively with both clients and work colleagues. Other strong points include an ability to work as part of a team or individually, multi-task, prioritize and work to deadlines under pressure.

Yours sincerely,
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Soccer is my passion

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